Flint Hall

PG Hydrogeologist

Flint is an eastern Idaho native, with BS Geology, Idaho State University (1987) and MS Geology, University of Idaho (1992). Flint recently completed a 32-yr career with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Idaho Falls, where his work experience focused on Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer water quality and radiological and chemical impacts from historical Idaho National Laboratory operations, and more recently, ground water sampling to distinguishing sources of nitrate impacts to groundwater aided by general chemistry and stable isotopes. His long career provided opportunities to collaborate with US Geological Survey, Idaho Departments of Water Resources, Agriculture, Soil Conservation Commission, and local conservation groups. While with IDEQ, Flint was active in environmental education, serving on the boards for the Idaho Water Education Foundation and the Eastern Idaho Environmental Education Association, and has been part of planning teams for the Idaho Falls Water Awareness Week and Earth Day planning teams. He’s built Edible Aquifers with many a student and parent across southern and eastern Idaho. He’s also a lover of the outdoors, Idaho’s fascinating geology, and is partial to interesting rocks.