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Jim Brock

Ecohydrologist and Instrument Developer

Jim is a widely known ecohydrologist and instrument developer, with installed projects from Florida to Canada.

Jim is an employee of IWE and maintains a part time assignment as faculty at the Desert Research Institute and ownership in Rapid Creek Research. Jim has a B.S. degree in Biology from Amherst College and an M.S. in Zoology from Idaho State University, and has the following areas of expertise:

  • Measures and collects streamflow data including flow and quality.
  • Installs and maintains telemetry to collect water flow and quality data.
  • Operates website hosting of water flow and quality data.
  • Develops tools to better understand and study aquatic ecosystems.
  • Develops instrumentation used by research scientists for study of aquatic community metabolism and exchange between ground and surface water.
  • Integrates field instruments with software tools to facilitate research at remote sites using web-based data collection and graphical display.
  • Developed Autonomous Monitoring Platform for Quantifying Sediment Entrainment Characteristics in the Everglades, Florida.
  • Developed Recirculation Chamber for measurement of benthic community metabolism for STREON Experiment (NEON, Boulder, Colorado).