Most of Idaho’s river basins and hydrologically connected groundwater aquifers are fully allocated.

This means that the state is no longer processing new water rights. Communities, industry and development business interests continue to grow and need dependable water supplies. Even though the state may not be processing new water right claims there are ways to acquire water through purchase, transfers or leasing.

Idaho is unique in that we have a very flexible and robust water supply bank administered by the Idaho Water Resource Board. This bank can provide both short and longer term water supplies and can also protect water rights that may not be in current use.


Idaho Water Engineering experts can help you secure the water needed for your community, industry, or development. We will work with existing water right holders and regulatory agencies to find the best and most economical solution to your water needs.

  1. Water Storage Projects
  2. State and Federal Grant Acquisition
  3. Water Acquisition
  4. Water Marketing
  5. Idaho Water Supply Bank, Leasing and Rental